Mia Shoua’s Encounter with the Anthropocene Conference

In our latest blog post, our competition winner shares her experiences of SEI’s Anthropocene conference

Image by Bert Knot

The Climate Council’s latest report has found that more than 150 weather records were broken in Australia last summer. The fate of the Great Barrier Reef hangs in the balance. Victoria still reels from its worst day in five years as fires ravage the state. Human beings inspired by hubristic ideals, claims of environmental ownership and aspirations of vast utilisation have come to control the world. These dramatic changes are what marks the new epoch in which we live, the age of the Anthropocene.

The Sydney Environment Institute’s Encountering the Anthropocene Conference brought together the environmental humanities to examine what this new era means from a variety of different perspectives, from geologists and biologists, to artists and historians.

Read student Mia Shoua’s experiences of our Anthropocene conference. Her full blog entry is available here.