New SEI Collaborative Project Fellowships Announced

Sydney Environment Institute is delighted to announce, and pleased to invite applications for, our new Collaborative Project Fellowships. The Fellowships are designed to offer members and non-members the chance to develop a new collaborative, multidisciplinary project.

Image by Kouji Tsuru, via Unsplash

SEI’s vision is of a University community reaching both inward across disciplines and outward into the larger world to collaboratively design and implement strategies for just and sustainable environmental transformation. Recognising the breadth of the harms unfolding, SEI’s work aims to both effect and affect the personal and cultural, the social and political, the ecological and economic. SEI seeks to be part of the wider community of people and organisations creating the conditions under which all life can flourish.

The new SEI Fellowships are designed to engage researchers across the University to develop new, collaborative, multidisciplinary projects with SEI support.  Proposals are sought which create sustainable, long-term areas of research and engagement that support SEI’s strategic foci and objectives.

The Fellowships provide an exciting opportunity for a new set of aspiring academic leaders to find their feet in environmental and sustainability research and engagement. As we deepen our commitment to breaking down siloes and working together on reflections and solutions, despite the distances imposed by the global pandemic, the Fellowships offer a chance to continue lifting up new voices and projects in a supportive environment.

Preparing your application

Full details about the Fellowships, including eligibility, section criteria and the link to apply, may be found here.

Applications must explore multidisciplinary approaches to a core research question aligned with SEI’s strategy and foci. Applicants should consider ways to make links between faculty and SEI research strategies and priorities.

When formulating applications, prospective applicants should note that Fellowships will be offered primarily in pairs, in order to encourage multidisciplinary research engagement and collaboration. This does not rule out single applicants, but such project proposals must focus on building on existing initiatives and/or involve a multidisciplinary team.

Applications for funding for 2022 are due by Thursday 30 September 2021. For any questions about the Fellowships or the application process, please contact Danielle Celermajer, Acting SEI Director.

Fellowship selection criteria and online application form.