SEI in the Media: Paul McGreevy About Greyhound Racing on Four Corners

Paul McGreevy from HARN spoke with Four Corners about greyhound racing.

Last Monday 4 Corners uncovered shocking details about widespread live baiting practices amongst trainers in the greyhound racing industry.

The ABC aired graphic and disturbing footage of live animals being tortured and killed by greyhounds at the command of their trainers.

The program quickly sparked a national outcry. Since it went to air several major sponsors have pulled their support and the entire board of NSW greyhound racing stepped down citing ‘self regulation failure’.

There have been calls in the media to ban the sport all together.

Animals Australia participated in the program and are continuing to run a campaign to inform people about the lives of racing greyhounds, what happens to them when they reach ‘retirement’ age and how people can adopt greyhounds and help bring about an end to live baiting.

One of the points Animals Australia makes is that greyhounds are actually inherently gentle, docile animals – not hunters.

HARN member and recognised specialist in Veterinary Behavioural Medicine, Professor Paul McGreevy, was interviewed for the report.

Prof Paul McGreevy has studied the relationship between canine morphology and behaviour. This has led him to remark upon how keen all of the so-called sight hounds (including whippets, salukis, Afghan hounds and, of course, greyhounds) are to give chase but also how cautious and deferent dogs of this type are. He spoke with Four Corners about the joy greyhounds derive from running and how speed is the sole trait that we have selected. Predatory aggression is not needed for racing. Paul also commented on the ease with which ex-racing dogs become household pets.

Watch the full program on ABC iView.