SEI in the Media: Iain McCalman and the Reef Obituary

Professor Iain McCalman features in an interactive piece by The Guardian

SEI co-founder Iain McCalman and author of The Reef appeared in Thursday’s Guardian interactive feature that combines video, sound and story to explore what we will loose if we let the Great Barrier Reef die.

Leaked drafts of the upcoming IPPC report (to be published on March 31st,  2014), indicate that the Great Barrier Reef will be adversely impacted in all possible climate change scenarios. This feature in The Guardian comes at a time when Australians need to begin to face that reality and take action to ensure that as much of our marine national treasure is preserved as possible.

You can explore The Reef an Obituary and watch Iain’s video in chapter two of the online feature.

You can read our blog on the upcoming IPCC report here and check out the Save the Reef Earth Hour event we are supporting this Saturday, here.