SEI Key Researchers Awarded Sydney Policy Lab Grant

SEI Key researchers have been awarded a Sydney Policy Lab grant for the development of participatory food planning policies.

Alana MannLuke CravenElspeth ProbynBill PritchardBrian JonesMargaret Allman-Faranelli and SEI Co-Director David Schlosberg, have been awarded a collaborative projects grant by Sydney Policy Lab, for the grants inaugural round.




The project is in cooperative development with the City of Sydney and aims to create a solution for the pressing global problem of food insecurity, by making food systems healthier, just, and sustainable.

Present knowledge and policy approaches to the issue of food insecurity commonly obscure the underlying intersectional factors that determine healthy and sustainable food systems. The project will ensure Sydney’s food future by developing participatory food planning policies, as well as an incubator for new food businesses based in one of Sydney’s more food insecure areas.

The project is one of ten to be funded by Sydney Policy Lab, and will each set out to create or test an innovative approach to a social, economic or environmental policy challenge. Each grant recipient will help test the Sydney Policy Lab’s operating model and frame the focus of the Policy Lab’s work in its start-up phase.

To find out more about the Sydney Policy Lab & the grant, click here.