SEI in the Media: Rosemary Lyster on the Hidden Costs and Unanswered Questions of Repealing the Carbon Tax – The Conversation

There are reasons Australia has a price on carbon. Let’s recap.

An article by SEI Key Researcher, Rosemary Lyster, Professor of Climate and Environmental Law in the University of Sydney Law School, was published in The Conversation. The article addresses the Abbott government’s agenda to reduce our emissions, which are ineffective and subpar.


The government agendas discussed by Rosemary include and the abolishment of the Climate Commission and the independent Climate Change Authority.

‘The Climate Commission has been abolished. The Clean Energy Finance Corporation will be abolished. We no longer have a Department of Climate Change. Yesterday, the draft legislation to repeal the carbon price mechanism, to be the first item of business for the 44th Parliament, was revealed’ said Rosemary.

Rosemary explains that ‘The independent Climate Change Authority will be abolished. Instead, the performance of the Renewable Energy Target, the Carbon Farming Initiative and the National Greenhouse & Energy Reporting Scheme will be reviewed by the government’s own Department of the Environment.’

To read Rosemary’s article, click here.