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Defeating the Dakota Access Pipeline

An article by Anastasia Mortimer, SEI’s Knowledge Translation Officer, which featured a Q&A with Kyle Powys Whyte, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Community Sustainability at Michigan State University was featured in the latest issue (pp.24-26). The article discusses Kyle’s work on climate and environmental justice and writings on the #NoDAPL movement.

Reflecting on ‘Black Crows invaded our country’

The reflection by Danielle Celermajer, Professor in the Department of Sociology and Social Policy, on Michelle St Anne’s performance artwork ‘Black Crows Invaded our Country,’ was featured in the latest issue (pp 42-43). In the article, Danielle suggests that ‘Black Crows Invaded our Country is unsettling. Deliberately so because, as Thom Van Dooren reminds us during the performance, settlement is a presumption. Even when we open our settled-ness to others, or urge our ever more padlock governments to act with hospitality, we leave unchallenged the background assumption that our settlement is by right. To characterise a movement as “invasion” and a place as “our country” is, after all to naturalise and eternalise a highly contingent and time specific arrangement and constellation of power.’ To find out more about Black Crows Invaded our Country, click here.

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