Artist Brian Robinson joins the SEI for ‘Ocean’s Forms’

Tuesday 8 May 2018, artist Brian Robinson joins the SEI for ‘Ocean’s Forms: Process, Structure, and Imagination at Sea’ – a public seminar, hosted in partnership with Sydney Ideas.

Brian Robinson beside XXlllVlllMCMLXXlll_XVllVLLMCMVll (when worlds collide), 2012, mixed media, 130 x 1000cm. Sourced from

‘Ocean’s Forms: Process, Structure, and Imagination at Sea’ will explore insights from philosophy, marine geoscience, art, and literature to discover how different ways of knowing the sea have informed one another, and how they might inform one another in the future. This public lecture will be chaired by Susan Reid and includes talks by Dr Killian Quigley, Associate Professor Ana Vila Concejo, and acclaimed artist Brian Robinson.

Brian Robinson is a multi-skilled contemporary artist and curator from the Torres Strait Islands whose creative practice includes painting, printmaking, sculpture and design. His work combines Torres Strait Islander cultural heritage and mythology, and his passion for experimentation sees his art cross boundaries between reality and fantasy.

In an article for Artist Profile,1 Robinson stated that:

“I have always been very interested in my own cultural mythology that originates from the Torres Strait. Mythological tales exploring the origin of landforms and other natural phenomena and magic are spread throughout the culture.”

Robinson’s artwork ‘Up in the Heavens the Gods contemplate their next move…’ mixes elements of classical Christian art with cultural heroes from the Torres Strait, and contemporary pop culture icons from Astro Boy and Star Wars. In the video by the Queensland Art Gallery of Modern Art,2 Robinson talks about ‘Up in the Heavens the Gods contemplate their next move…’

Robinson currently resides in Cairns, and his work has contributed significantly to the local environs through a number of major public art installations, including the signature five stainless steel woven fish sculptures and fountain installed on the Cairns Esplanade in 2003.3 For more details on Brian, his exhibitions and artworks, click here.

Join Brian Robinson at ‘Ocean’s Forms: Process, Structure, and Imagination at Sea’ where he will discuss how artistic imaginations can help move us ‘beyond the limits of the shore’.

Event details

Dr Killian Quigley, Postdoctoral Fellow, the Sydney Environment Institute
Associate Professor Ana Vila Concejo, Geocoastal Research Group, School of Geosciences,
Brian Robinson, Artist

Chair: Susan Reid, Department of Gender and Cultural Studies
When: Tuesday 8 May, 2018 | 6.00 – 7.30pm
Where: Law School Foyer, Eastern Avenue, University of Sydney

For more details, and to register, click here. 


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Queensland Art Gallery of Modern Art. (2017). Brian Robinson introduces ‘Up in the Heavens…’ [Video] QAGOMA YouTube Channel (October 26, 2017). Access here.