SEI Publication: Architecture, Environment, History

Sydney Environment Institute 2017 Visiting Fellow Daniel Barber has co-authored an article published in the Architectural Theory Review.

The multi-authored article collates the projections of scholars examining how we might newly understand the historical relationship between the built and natural environment.

Entitled ‘Architecture, Environment, History: Questions and Consequences’ the paper emerged out of a University of Sydney workshop on the environmental histories of architecture, convened by Associate Professor Lee Stickells (Department of Architecture) and Associate Professor Daniel Barber (University of Pennsylvania) during Barber’s period as a visiting fellow of the Sydney Environment Institute.

The article, published in the Architectural Theory Review an international journal that investigates critical issues and concerns in architectural theory responds to the increasing interest in the intersections between architectural and environmental history, and the opportunities this presents scholars and architects for addressing environmental concerns.

The article will be open access for a limited time. Access it here.