SEI Publications: Symposium on Just Adaptation

SEI Key Researchers published in a special issue of Environmental Politics.

SEI is happy to announce that Environmental Politics have recently released a special issue called Symposium on Just Adaptation, that comes from the papers given at the Governing Adaptation Workshop, co-hosted by SEI and Australian Centre for Climate and Environmental Law.

The special issue was edited by SEI co-Director, David Schlosberg and includes a journal article by David, Lisette Collins and Simon Niemeyer.

In the article titled Adaptation policy and community discourse: risk, vulnerability, and just transformation, David, Lisette and Simon examine how public engagement can assist in the development of just processes and outcomes in adaptation discourse and policymaking.


A concern with justice is at the center of thinking about adaptation that is not only resilient, but also public, engaging, and transformative. Theoretically, the intersection of adaptation, transformation, and environmental and climate justice is examined, before exploring the specific concerns and normative foundations for adaptation policy articulated by local governments, environmental groups, and local residents engaged in adaptation planning in Australia. Despite a discursive disconnect between governmental focus on a risk or resilience-based approach and a community concern with the vulnerability of basic needs and capabilities of everyday life, deliberative engagement in adaptation planning can both address issues of justice and represent a transformative practice.

The issue also features journal articles by SEI key researcher Rosemary Lyster and other workshop attendees are also available in the special issue.

The full issue of Environmental Politics is open access for staff and students at The University of Sydney. To access the special issue, click here.