Sue Donaldson Chats to Dinesh Wadiwel About the Theory of Animal Citizenship

Sue Donaldson, co-author with Will Kymicka of the book Zoopolis, chats to Dinesh Wadiwel to follow up on Professor Kymlicka’s successful trip to Sydney. Find out why she embraces a theory of animal citizenship.

In August this year, the Sydney Environment Institute hosted Will Kymlicka, Professor of Philosophy and Canada Research Chair in Philosophy at Queen’s University, for a Sydney Ideas public lecture on animals and social justice. He spoke about some of the big ideas from his 2011 book Zoopolis: a Political Theory of Animal Rights.

Recently, the book’s co-author Sue Donaldson was kind enough to catch up with Dinesh Wadiwel, from the Human Animal Rights Network. Find out why she embraces a broader conception of citizenship that could include animals, her thoughts on the relationship between liberalism and animal rights and how Zoopolis would challenge capitalism.

Download Dinesh’s interview with Sue Donaldson or listen to the full podcast of Professor Kymlicka’s talk bellow.