Sunshine Powered as University of Sydney Rolls Out Solar Program

The University of Sydney powers up with solar panels.

The University of Sydney’s solar programme rollout is well underway with solar PV systems installed on five buildings (257.4kW) on the main campus at Camperdown and Darlington. By the end of 2016, 18 buildings will have similar systems installed (796kW) to improve the University’s energy efficiency, energy security and commitment to carbon reduction.

Tracey Ho, Sustainability Officer Corporate Services at the University’s Campus Infrastructure and Services (CIS), says all 18 buildings will generate approximately 1.2MWh solar energy a year, a carbon reduction of 816 tonnes of CO2. This is the equivalent to carbon emissions from 218 cars or 102 homes.

Solar energy installations will be expanded next year at the main campus and planning is underway to assess viability at other campuses. The University recently revised design standards for new buildings now require solar energy systems on northerly roof spaces where feasible.

Campus Infrastructure Services is also promoting a range of other sustainability projects including:

  • Waste and Recycling:
    • Installation of recycling stations throughout University office workspaces at main campus and other campuses
  • Sustainable Access:
    • Promoting sustainable transport and mobility through active and public transport initiatives, improved end-of-trip facilities, enhancing pedestrian ways and reducing campus traffic
  • Energy Efficiency and Carbon Reduction:
    • Developing smart buildings with live monitoring of – the energy, water consumption and carbon emissions
    • Energy efficient lighting upgrades major car parks
    • Implementing smart occupancy sensors for lighting, air-conditioning and audio-visual equipment in lecture theatres

“We’re finding ways to operate more sustainably and reduce our environmental footprint through a range of practical strategies,” Ms Ho said.

As a member of the City of Sydney’s Better Building Partnership, The University of Sydney is committed to positively contributing to the City’s goal of 70 per cent carbon emissions reduction target by 2030.

Article by Rebecca Simpson

CPC Solar 2 CPC Solar 1

Solar Panels on the Charles Perkins Centre, The University of Sydney

Top Image: Solar Panels on Abercrombie Business School and Student Accommodation, The University of Sydney