‘A Plastic Ocean’ Is Set to Create a Wave of Change

The screening of ‘A Plastic Ocean’,  aimed to change the way individuals around the globe perceive and consume plastic.

On Monday 5th of June, SEI and Sydney Ideas will hosted a full-length screening of the film ‘A Plastic Ocean’, created by the Plastic Ocean global network.

This documentary follows the journey of two explorers as they travel to some of the most remote parts of the world, documenting the environmental issues associated with plastic pollution and its impact on the environment, ecosystems and human health.

Samuel S Myers recently wrote a review of ‘A Plastic Ocean’ that was published in The Lancet, which stated that:

 A Plastic Ocean provides glimmers of that trajectory, which encompasses regulatory changes (banning plastic bags in more cities), systemic changes (circular economies in which plastic is recycled into useful new products), and new innovation (plasma furnaces that reduce plastic to elemental constituents that can be formed into useful fuels or other products). These changes in policies, regulations, ways of doing business, and technological innovation are core to righting the ship and bringing us back in balance with Earth’s life support systems. We need to ratchet them up quickly. And for us to embrace such change at a scale commensurate with the challenges will require a level of global activism that can only be achieved by creating a new narrative of our role in the world—a narrative that films like A Plastic Ocean help us construct. We humans took over the plane. We stand at the controls. It is time we learned to fly.

Event details:

This film screening formed part of the Sydney Environment Institute’s World Environment Day programming, highlighting the shocking realities of what the plastic epidemic is doing to our marine environments, as well as the impacts on human health and our economies.

Date: Monday 5 June
Time: 4.30 to 6.30pm
Where: Old Geology Lecture Theatre | Science Rd | The University of Sydney
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Watch the offical trailer below.

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