Catch Up on Presentations from ‘Climate Change and Climate Politics: Where to Now?’

Watch the speaker videos from Climate Change and Climate Politics: Where to Now?

On Tuesday 7 February 2017, SEI in Partnership with The Balanced Enterprise Research Network (BERN), hosted the workshop Climate Change and Climate Politics: Where to Now? 

The workshop featured world-renowned US climate scientist Professor Michael E. Mann, as the keynote speaker. The workshop footage, featuring each speaker and discussant is now available on the SEI YouTube channel.

The workshop brought together prominent intellectuals, commentators, and activists in frank discussion about  adapting to the resurgence of climate change denial, and discussed the next steps in addressing the issues of climate change and climate politics.

Please take a moment to watch the presentations by Michael E. Mann and Greenpeace CEO David Ritter.

David Ritter’s paper discussed tactics for positive change in climate politics in the age of the Trumpocene and provided 7 points that we need to address when thinking about climate change and climate politics.

Michael Mann’s presentation highlighted common tactics used by climate change deniers in the US government, who have opposed climate policy and other prevalent environmental issues. Mann discussed the role that climate science can play in establishing effective climate policies and overcoming climate change denial.

Other Speakers:

Christopher Wright

Tina Perinotto (Chair)

Ian Dunlop

Blair Palese

Lesley Head

Timothy Stephens

To access the entire workshop playlist as featured on SEI’s YouTube page, click here.