Ass Prof. Ana Vila Concejo

School of Geosciences

Ana Vila Concejo career started in Spain, where she did her undergraduate and MSc studying urban beaches at the University of Vigo; and Portugal, completing her PhD at the University of Algarve investigating the short and medium term evolution of tidal inlets in a barrier island system. She then moved to Australia and started looking into the morphodynamics of flood-tide deltas in wave-dominated coasts within the framework of an ARC funded linkage project which was based in Port Stephens.

In 2010 Ana started researching sand aprons in coral reef platforms. In 2011 she was awarded an ARC Future Fellowship to focus my research on the morphodynamics of coral reefs. Ana is the Deputy Director of One Tree Island Research Station; between 2012 and 2015 she was the Director.

Ana’s recent publications are Vila-Concejo, A., Kench, P. (2017). Storms in coral reefs. In Paolo Ciavola and Giovanni Coco (Eds.), Coastal Storms: Processes and Impacts, (pp. 127-149). West Sussex: John Wiley & Sons and Pereira, L., Vila-Concejo, A., Short, A. (2016). Coastal morphodynamic processes on the macrotidal beaches of Par´┐Ż State under tidally-modulated wave conditions. In A. Short, A. Klein (Eds.), Brazilian Beach Systems, (pp. 95-124). Switzerland: Springer International Publishing.