Catriona Macmillan

Senior Project Officer, FoodLab Sydney

Catriona Macmillan is the Project Officer for the Food Incubator project. She has extensive experience working with small businesses and start-ups. Originally a Production Manager in film, she discovered she was passionate about good healthy food & soil and has since worked in a diversity of roles in food retail, wholesale, urban and rural farmers, and fostered successful collaborations with organizations and businesses to progress the food movement, with a special emphasis on meeting the needs of the most vulnerable. Catriona was Vice President and a a founding member of the Sydney Food Fairness Alliance (2007-2018), a founding member of the Organic Federation of Australia, and a director on their board. She was also a publisher of the Organics Directory (1997-2008) and Co-founder of the Organic Traders and Consumers Network (OTACnet) which worked to inform consumers and independent traders about organic and other wholesome foods and products nationally. In 2008, Catriona was awarded a place in the SMH magazine Foodies Hall of Fame as an ‘Organic Pioneer’.