Dr Adrienne Hunt

Research Affiliate

Sydney College of The Arts

Adrienne received a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours, Class I) in Photomedia in 2019 from the Sydney College of the Arts, The University of Sydney, with Associate Professor Anne Elias of the SEI as her supervisor. Informed by the environmental humanities and focusing on trees, the work was a response to a call to arms to artists to provide inspiration for positive contributions to our environment. Her prior work has also targeted the natural environment, such as the video, Coral Considerations, which presents realities of the disparities between reef facts and the underwater realm of contemporary coral reefs. All of her recent photomedia works have been derived from painted constructions – their realism yet artificiality serving to highlight gaps between human behaviours and facts.

Dr Adrienne Hunt has a professional background is in clinical physiotherapy and applied health sciences, and in health education. She is an Honorary Research Fellow with the Discipline of Exercise and Sport Science at the University of Sydney.


Website: http://www.adriennehuntsydney.com

Instagram: @adrienne_hunt_sydney