Dr. Clare Cooper

Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning

Dr Clare Cooper is a Lecturer in Design, where she teaches visual communication, design futuring, interaction design, and design theory. Her research and pedagogy is informed by two decades of professional design practice, workshop facilitation, design activism, and the performing arts.

Cooper has brought together thousands of people to work together on community initiatives, creative approaches to governance, collaborative composition, speculative design, and critical listening through co-founding the NOW now festival (2001), Splinter Orchestra (Sydney 2000), Splitter Orchester (Berlin 2009), Frontyard Projects (2016), Design Activism Workshop (2019) and Community Environmental Monitoring (CEM 2020).

Cooper has consulted on government projects, community grants and policy development with the City of Sydney, Inner West Council, Create NSW, is on the board of Frontyard Projects, Community Environmental Monitoring, and is a member of the Arts and Culture Advisory Committee to Inner West Council.

For more information about her research projects, please visit Clare’s personal webpage.