Dr. Dinesh Wadiwel

Department of Sociology and Social Policy

Dinesh Wadiwel is a lecturer in human rights and socio-legal studies and Director of the Master of Human Rights, with a background in social and political theory. He has had over 15 years experience working within civil society organisations, including in anti-poverty and disability rights roles.

Dinesh is involved in a project exploring the application of the United Nations Convention against Torture to the treatment of people with disability.

Dinesh’s current book project explores the relationship between animals and capitalism. This builds on his monograph, The War against Animals (Leiden / Boston: Brill/Rodopi, 2015). Wadiwel, D. (2015). The War Against Animals. Leiden, The Netherlands: Koninklijke Brill. Wadiwel, D. (2020). The Working Day: Animals, Capitalism and Surplus Time, in Charlotte E. Blattner, Kendra Coulter, and Will Kymlicka (Eds.), Animal Labour: A New Frontier of Interspecies Justice?, (pp. 181-206). Oxford: Oxford University Press