Dr. Madeline Taylor

Macquarie University

Climate Council

Madeline Taylor is a Senior Lecturer at Macquarie Law School and a Climate Councillor at the Climate Council. She specialises in Energy and Natural Resources Law and specifically on the intersection between unconventional gas regulation, energy policy, and landholder rights. In particular, her research advances a novel examination of transitioning energy regulation from a comparative and socio-legal perspective, including the strategic governance of energy and the fragmentation of ownership rights between the state, corporations and landholders.

Dr Taylor holds principle research interests in commercial and corporate law in the regulation of energy markets and LNG exports. Her research also examines the relationship between agricultural land protection laws, food security and natural resource access and compensation arrangements. Prior to joining the University of Sydney, Madeline was an inter-disciplinary Visiting Scholar at the University of British Columbia examining the regulation of shale gas activities within the Agricultural Land Reserve. She has also held research positions within the Centre for Coal Seam Gas at the University of Queensland and teaches in the areas of Corporate Law, Land Law, Personal Property Law and Environmental Law.

Her recent book entitled, Agricultural Land Use and Natural Gas Extraction Conflicts: A Global Socio-Legal Perspective, examines the socio-regulatory dimensions of coexistence between agricultural and onshore unconventional gas land uses in the jurisdictions with the highest concentration of proven unconventional gas reserves.