Dr. Nader Naderpajouh

School of Project Management

Dr Nader Naderpajouh is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Project Management, where he co-leads the research stream of “Projects for Sustainable, Resilient and Just Future” at the John Grill Institute for Project Leadership. The research portfolio of his research group “Organising for Resilience in the Built Environment” (ORIBE) includes 19 research grants (total of AU$13,547,473) funded by the European Commission through Horizon 2020 scheme, as well as Future Fuels Cooperative Research Centre (FFCRC), Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Research Trust, Arup, Victorian Building Authority (VBA), and Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works (QDHPW) among others. He represents Asia-Pacific at the steering committee of the Global Resilience Research Network and is interested in collective action in crisis at the nexus of the communities and their infrastructure systems. He is passionate about the discourse of social justice and equity, in addition to the climate crisis, and these values are foundational in his active research on the topics of resilience, collective action, innovation and infrastructure management.