Ass Prof. Ollie Jay

Sydney School of Health Sciences

Ollie Jay is an Associate Professor in Thermoregulatory Physiology, and Director of the Thermal Ergonomics Laboratory, in the Faculty of Medicine and Health at The University of Sydney, Australia (2014-Present), and Lead Researcher of the Charles Perkins Centre (CPC) Research Node on Climate Adaptation and Health. Originally from the UK, he obtained his PhD in Thermal Physiology from Loughborough University in 2002, which was then followed by 10 years of international research experience at Simon Fraser University (2003-05) and the University of Ottawa (2005-13).

His research activities primarily focus on developing a better understanding of the physiological and physical factors that determine human heat strain and the associated risk of heat-related health problems during work and/or sport, as well as among vulnerable people during heat waves.

Ollie Jay is the Research Lead on Neighbourhood Heat Stress Response.