Freya Grace MacDonald

Department of English

My PhD research takes a multidisciplinary approach to reading Climate Fiction. It aims to elucidate how works of Climate Fiction identify and represent key problems at the heart of the environmental crisis, and how such works inform and interact with social imaginaries.

PhD Title: A crisis of imagination: reading the environmental crisis in contemporary Non-Indigenous and Indigenous Australian literary Climate Fiction written during and in response to the catastrophic 2019-2020 bushfires in Australia.


This thesis works from a growing consensus among scholars in the Environmental Humanities and beyond, that the climate crisis is both an ecological crisis and an epistemological crisis. It seeks to contribute to a growing body of research that attempts to explicate how Climate Fiction novels articulate and represent the environmental crisis. And how the Climate Fiction novel, as form, has emerged as a site for feeling and meditating on the environmental crisis in Australia.

It is focused on exploring the articulation of lived experiences of the environmental crisis in works of Climate Fiction, particularly those written during and in response to the 2019/2020 bushfires in Australia. Taking focus on the problematic Eurocentric narrative of the Anthropocene, this thesis, through a series of close readings, aims to elucidate how works of Climate Fiction, interact with and are folded into the metanarrative of the Anthropocene. Focus will be taken on representations of Western science and Indigenous knowledge systems and representations of social m