Liberty Lawson

Department of Gender and Cultural Studies

Liberty is a PhD Research Fellow in the Department of Gender and Cultural Studies. Her research looks at the ontology of art-nature symbioses, post-humanist conservation policy and the future of coral reefs. Liberty is passionate about science communication and has worked with NGO’s across the Into-Pacific in coral reef restoration, marine conservation policy and sustainability education.

She completed her Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours in History and Philosophy of Science. Liberty is a Global Oceans Ambassador for the NGO Positive Change for Marine Life, and an ACU Blue Charter Fellow. Her writing has appeared in publications including Dark Mountain, Odiseo, Vice, The Planthuner, Antennae and more, and she currently works as an editor at the SEI and Anthroposphere: The Oxford Climate Review.

Liberty Lawson is the Research Lead on Eco-Epistemologies of One Tree Island.