Maddy Braddon

University Centre for Rural Health

Maddy Braddon is a budding change-maker with a focus on climate justice and building community resilience. She is a Research Assistant at the University Centre for Rural Health, a collaborative academic hub for rural health development, and a joint venture between the University of Sydney, Western Sydney University, the University of Wollongong and Southern Cross University.

Since graduating from an Environmental Science degree at Southern Cross University in 2017, Maddy has built her work around this approach. She co-founded Lismore Helping Hands (now Resilient Lismore), a grassroots community-led recovery effort after the 2017 flood which was largely successful because of the established Gasfield Free Northern Rivers network. She recently worked at Lock The Gate Alliance to help on campaigns to transition away from fossil fuels and her current research now focuses on climate change, mental health and rural resilience.

Maddy’s passion for regional communities comes from spending much of her life moving between small towns in rural NSW. Her approach to change-making stems from a growing understanding that we share common experiences and skills that unite us in the face of adversity.