Prof. Chris L. Smith

Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning

Chris L. Smith is a Professor of Architectural Theory in the Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning at the University of Sydney. Chris has lectured internationally. His research, over the last 18 years, has focused on the nexus of architecture and the body. Chris locates this nexus between architectural theory, philosophy, and the biosciences.

He has published on architectural theory and its dynamic relation with body theory, poststructural philosophy (particularly the work of Gilles Deleuze and FĂ©lix Guattari) and technologies of the body. Chris has also published on the complex intersections of architecture, the biosciences, and medical humanities. Chris is the co-editor of Architecture in the Space of Flows (Routledge, 2012) and Laboratory Lifestyles: The Construction of Scientific Fictions (MIT Press, 2018); and the author of Bare Architecture: a schizoanalysis (Bloomsbury, 2017) and co-author of LabOratory: Speaking of the Architecture of Science (MIT Press, 2019).