Professor Margaret Allman-Farinelli

SEI Researcher

School of Life and Environmental Sciences

Margaret’s research interests include all aspects of dietetics from food and nutritional science to prevention of lifestyle associated chronic disease tand evidence-based dietetic management of chronic disease. She is interested in development of qualitative and quantitative tools and methods used for dietetic practice and research and innovative delivery methods in mobile and electronic health for health promotion and diet counselling. Margaret is leader of the Wireless Wellbeing research node for the Charles Perkins Centre.

Her most recent research work is in public health addressing the rising rates of obesity among young adults and the sequelae for chronic disease rates and social and economic impact. She is involved in randomised controlled trials of behavioural interventions using mHealth for promotion of healthy lifestyle in the young and for treatment of type 2 diabetes in middle-age.

She is the principle investigator of a state-wide study of dietary intakes and the social and environmental contexts of eating in 18 to 30 year-olds. She has experience in analyses of cohort studies and secondary statistical analyses of National Health Survey data set. She is researching measurement of energy balances and relative contributions of different physical activities at a population level as well as food and nutrient intakes.