Dr Steve Doo


School of Biological Sciences

Dr Steve Doo is a Postdoctoral Fellow at CSU Northridge. Steve completed his PhD at the University of Sydney in 2016 where he studied the impacts of changing climates on animals in the Great Barrier Reef. His research centers around a group of important, but vastly understudied organisms named large benthic Foraminifera (LBFs), and their role in sand production. Steve’s fieldwork is mostly based at One Tree Island, the tropical marine station owned by the University of Sydney, and involves many hours walking around the intertidal reef flats sampling. His previous research endeavors have lead me to places around the world including Taiwan, Japan, French Polynesia, and Puerto Rico. Steve is a California native and completed his undergraduate studies in Biology and Music Performance at the University of California, Davis and masters in Marine Biology at Northeastern University with the Three Seas Program.