Susan Reid

Department of Gender and Cultural Studies

Sue Reid is a writer, artist, creative researcher, lawyer and doctoral candidate in the Department of Gender and Cultural Studies at the University of Sydney. Sue’s transdisciplinary research across cultural studies, feminist posthumanism, environmental humanities and laws of the seas examines imaginaries and conceptual contours for the possibilities of ocean justice.

Sue’s work engages the intersections of extractivism, ecological subjectivity, and material vulnerability. Her research advances a concept of ocean justice that intervenes in dominant imaginaries and governance frameworks controlling human relations with the ocean. It does so with conceptual innovations such as sea-truthing, prosthetic provisioning, material predation and multibeing justice.

In 2021 Sue commenced as a Research Associate with the Seed Box – an interdisciplinary environmental humanities research program hosted by Linköping University in partnership with an international consortium that includes the University of Sydney.