Yvonne Weldon

Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council

Yvonne Weldon is a Wiradjuri Woman who has volunteered and worked in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal roles throughout her career. She has maintained her cultural connections to her homelands of Cowra and the Riverina areas of New South Wales. Yvonne’s commitment to improving the outcomes for First Nations, the lands and waterways of this continent is an ancient lived practice of her people.

Yvonne provides keynote and opening speaking engagements through her role of Chairperson of the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council. She is motivated to creating positive change for all, not through changing what has existed for thousands of generations of this lands First People but through a continuation in this contemporary lived society. Yvonne has a deep respect and honour of the many traditional practices and belief systems to be (re)instilled and (re)enforced across this continent, honouring the people, land and the waterways – in alignment of mother earth – the engrained ancestry of the land, the waters, the body and the spirit.

Yvonne was awarded the 2019 NSW Volunteer of the Year Adult Volunteer for the South Sydney Region and the 2019 NSW South Sydney Volunteer Region Volunteer of the Year. Yvonne’ article True Country was published in the December 2019 Vogue Australia magazine. Yvonne is the Chairperson of the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council, a Board Member of Domestic Violence NSW, a Board member of Redfern Jarjums College, the Deputy Chairperson of NSW Australian Day Council, and a consultant of Y. Consultancy.

Yvonne Weldon is a Research Affiliate of the Sydney Environment Institute.