A World of Oysters: Protecting Their Future


Do you like Oysters? Do you know why are they important? Oysters are part of our heritage and have been an important natural resource for Australia’s First Nations for tens of thousands of years. However, most natural oyster reefs around Australia have disappeared, which is important as they provide structure and habitat for marine biodiversity. Oysters remain an important part of Australian culture and cuisine, with oyster farming occurring in most of NSW estuaries, supporting coastal economies.

Listen to different perspectives on oysters from researchers, farmers, chefs and Australia’s First Nations in this event hosted by the Marine Studies Institute, Sydney Environment Institute and Spanish Researchers in Australia Pacific.

00:15   Welcome – Ana Vila Concejo
01:10   Acknowledgement of Country – Mitchell Gibbs
02:30   Event Introduction – Ana Vila Concejo
04:50   Why are Oysters Important in Australia?
11:00   Nurturing the Growth of Oysters
20:10   Oysters Future in a Warming World
29:40   How to Sustainably Eat and Support Oysters
32:00   Oysters Restoring a Balance to Our Waterways
53:30   How to Shuck an Oyster and Online Oyster Tasting – Ana Rubio & Ewan McAsh


Dr Ana Bugnot, University of Sydney and Sydney Institute of Marine Science
Mitchell Gibbs, University of Sydney
Rubén López Mesa, Chef and Founder of Eat Spanish
Ewan McAsh, Marine Scientist and Oyster Farmer
Associate Professor Ana Vila Concejo (Chair), University of Sydney and Marine Studies Institute
Dr Ana Rubio, Shellfish Aquaculture and Marine Biologist

This event was held online on Wednesday 20 October, 2021.

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