Book Launch: Carbon Capitalism and Communication, Confronting Climate Crisis

This panel brings together activists and academics to discuss the central role of communication in environmental debates and launch the book Carbon Capitalism and Communication, Confronting Climate Crisis edited by Benedetta Brevini and Graham Murdock with Naomi Klein, Michael Mann, Alan Rusbridger, David Ritter and Blair Palese.


00:00   Introduction and Welcome to Country – Alana Mann
03:40   A Timely Release of the Book – Benedetta Brevini
11:05   Rise of Neoliberalism with Naomi Klein – Christopher Wright
18:15   The Discourse Around the Carmichael Mine – Terry Woronov
26:20   The Cult Worship of Coal – David Ritter
32:50   Social Organisation of Denial – Kari Norgaard
44:50   Will Market Mechanisms Drive Change?
52:25   Climate Change is Not a Binary
1:01:35 How can Activism Lead to Systemic Change?
1:07:07 What is the Restoration Narrative?
1:17:40 The Commodification of Ecology


Dr Benedetta Brevini, University of Sydney
Dr Alana Mann (Chair), University of Sydney
Assoc. Prof. Kari Norgaard, University of Oregon
David Ritter, CEO of Greenpeace Australia Pacific
Dr Terry Woronov, University of Sydney
Professor Christopher Wright, University of Sydney

A Sydney Ideas and Sydney Environment Institute event, in association with the Post Truth Initiative, held at the University of Sydney on Monday 4 December, 2017.

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