Common Ground: The Power of Coming Together, Sápmi to Country


The film Common Ground details the similarity in struggles Indigenous Peoples across the world face in regard to colonisation, and the appropriation of their traditional lands for natural resource developments. Yet it also shows resistance to this and the maintenance and revitalisation of Indigenous cultures.

In April and May of 2019, a delegation of Sami Indigenous representatives from Sápmi in Sweden and Finland came to Australia. They were reindeer herders, artists, and community activists all engaged in struggles to protect their traditional lands and traditional livelihoods from resource developments. They were joined by research collaborators from Sweden, Finland and Australia. Together, they met with Indigenous delegates from Cape York and White Bear Nation and visited the Quandamooka people on Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island). At the end of their trip, they stayed with members of the Darug community in the Yarramundi Regional Park, Blue Mountains. The film documents this journey, and in particular the sharing of customs and perspectives in Yarramundi.

Produced by Dr Rebecca Lawrence, Director and Editor: Klas Martin Eriksson
Special thanks to academic collaborator, Dr Marnie Graham.

This film was funded by FORMAS, The Swedish Research Council for Sustainable Development, REXSAC “Resource Extraction and Sustainable Arctic Communities – A Nordic Centre of Excellence”, and The Research Council of Norway.

This project was supported by Griffith University, Luleå Technical University, Macquarie University, Stockholm University, Stockholm Environment Institute, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sydney Environment Institute (The University of Sydney), University of Newcastle and the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.