Conversations With Coal Miners about Climate Change

In the second event of SEI’s Communities on the Frontline Series, filmmaker Kim Nguyen sits down with coal industry representatives and climate activists to view his film, Conversations with Coal Miners about Climate Change, and unpack how we can support coal mining communities in the just transition away from fossil fuels.With more frequent climate disasters unfolding here in Australia and around the world, the need to act has never been greater. But the pace of change, and the transitioning away from fossil fuels, urgently needs to speed up.
One of the key rationales used to oppose transition is in ensuring the welfare of communities that work in the fossil fuel industries, and coal mining in particular. This consideration cannot be overlooked, but what if we could get these communities to support an energy transition? It could remove one of the last political hurdles to climate action in this space.

01:15 Introduction – Kim Paul Nguyen
05:00 From Coal Miner to Climate Activist – Grant Howard’s Story
10:40 What is a Just Transition from Coal? – Robert MacNeil
18:20 Supporting Communities at the Centre of a Just Transition
22:30 Q&A – A Coal Miner’s CO2 Revelation
25:40 Community Reactions to the Film, Conversations with Coal Miners
29:50 Does a Successful Model of a Just Transition Exist?
32:30 What Needs to Happen for Climate to be at the Fore of the Political Agenda?
44:05 Empowering Miners to Lead a Transition Away From Coal
50:40 Will A Transition Away From Coal Impact Australian’s Standard of Living?
53:40 The Communications Issue at the Centre of Climate ChangeSpeakers

Grant Howard, coal mine worker from the Bowen Basin, Queensland
Dr Robert MacNeil, Department of Government and International Relations
Kim Paul Nguyen, filmmaker and journalist
Andy Paine, activist for Frontline Action on Coal

This event was held at the University of Sydney on Tuesday 12 April, 2022.

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