Culture, Trust, and Systems: Local and Democratic Politics for the Anthropocene

This Sydney Environment Institute and Sydney Ideas event examined a variety of ways of rethinking local politics for more sustainable and democratic ends. Speakers addressed the potential of coalitions forming to prevent the increased enclosure of public lands, grassroots efforts to create new food systems, and new forms of cultural intervention and shifts – value-guided ecological democracy. The goal was to put innovative thinkers and actors into a conversation to examine the role of the local in living practices of ecological democracy.


00:00   Introduction and Welcome to Country – Dr Alana Mann
05:40   Democracy and Sustainability – Dr Marit Hammond
18:46   Social Movements and Action – Professor David Schlosberg
35:00   Public Trust Populism – Professor Lisa Disch
49:46   Q&A
50:20   Power of Art Projects to Open Up Democratic Possibilities
53:45   Trust Litigation


Professor Lisa Disch, University of Michigan
Dr Marit Hammond, Keele University
Dr Alana Mann (Chair), University of Sydney
Professor David Schlosberg, Sydney Environment Institute

This event was held at the University of Sydney on Thursday 21 February, 2019.

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