Where to Now for Climate Activism?


Greenpeace CEO, David Ritter presents a paper at the Climate Change and Climate Politics: Where to Now? workshop, co-hosted by SEI and The Balanced Enterprise Research Network (BERN).

David’s paper explores the issues of what the ‘Trumpocene’ means for climate politics and activism. David provides 7 points that we need to address when thinking about climate change and climate politics. His paper asks, given Trump’s war on the environment, where to now for climate activism?


David Ritter is the Chief Executive Officer of Greenpeace Australia Pacific. He has been with Greenpeace for nine years, campaigning to secure an earth capable of nurturing life in all its amazing diversity. He is an affiliate of both the Sydney Environment Institute and the Sydney Democracy Network.

This event was held at the University of Sydney on 7 February 2017.

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