Environmental Behaviour Change: Harnessing the Power of Volunteers and Grass-Roots Campaigners

The assumption that helping the environment means changing our individual behaviours is a commonplace of daily life. We are all urged to ‘do our bit’, to ‘consume responsibly’ and to make small changes. This proposition is hotly contested within academic scholarship. Its empirical truth is called into doubt by environmental scholarship emphasising the big gap between intentions and actions.

This discussion invites two successful environmental change agents — Managing Director of Clean Up Australia, Terrie-Ann Johnson, and co-founder of Manly’s Operation Straw, Harriet Spark, to discuss their work and to bring it into dialogue with these debates.


00:00   Introduction and Welcome to Country – Fiona Allon
03:00   The Downfall of Individualising Responsibility – Ruth Barcan
17:55   Clean Up Australia and its Connection to Community – Terrie-Ann Johnson
35:55   Operation Straw and the Key Role of Effective Communication – Harriet Spark


Dr Fiona Allon (Chair), University of Sydney
Associate Professor Ruth Barcan, University of Sydney
Terrie-Ann Johnson, Managing Director of Clean Up Australia
Harriet Spark, Co-founder of Manly’s Operation Straw

This event was held at the University of Sydney on Wednesday 27 June, 2018.

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