Everyday Militarisms: Hidden in Plain Sight

Militarisms are all around us, but they’re often hidden – not in the sense that we can’t see them or taste them or touch them, but in the sense that we don’t notice them, or recognise them as such. They’re hidden in plain sight.

In this podcast, Sydney Environment Institute key researchers Astrida Neimanis and Tess Lea offer the concept of ‘everyday militarisms’ to explore these issues in more depth. They suggest that this concept helps us think more flexibly about operations of power. It invites us to examine more closely our own entanglements with militarisms—how they shape our everyday lives for better or worse.

The conversations in this podcast were first seeded during a walking tour organised by Astrida and Tess on ANZAC Day 2019, during which cultural consultant Uncle Jimmy Smith shared his knowledge about the militarisation of everyday life around Sydney Harbour. On this ANZAC Day, might the reflections in this podcast help us pay attention to the militarisms that continue to structure our everyday lives, even and especially under the extraordinary conditions of pandemic response?


00:00  Surrounded by Sydney Harbour
03:28   Speaker Introductions
04:50   What are Everyday Militarisms?
07:40   Knowledge Beneath the Botanical Gardens
15:35   History’s indelible Mark on Contemporary Society
24:30   Camouflaging Celebrated Militarisms
27:00   Military’s Involvement in Climate Change
33:10   Benefits of Identifying Militarised Structures


Dr Astrida Neimanis, University of Sydney
Associate Professor Tess Lea, University of Sydney
Uncle Jimmy Smith, Wiradjuri Cultural Consultant

Written and narrated by Astrida Neimanis, Tess Lea and Uncle Jimmy, produced and composed by Anja Kanngieser, mastered by Daniel Jenatsch.

The Everyday Militarisms research collaboratory brings together researchers, artists, activists and other professionals to generate new perspectives and dialogue on the ways in which militarisms are inseparable from everyday life.