Fighting to be Herd: Impacts of the Proposed Boliden Copper Mine in Laver, Älvsbyn, Sweden for the Semisjaur Njarg Sami Reindeer Herding Community

This report concerns the impacts of Boliden’s proposed open-cut copper mine on the Swedish side of Sápmi23 in Laver, Älvsbyn, in Northern Sweden, for the Semisjaur Njarg Sami reindeer herding community. The proposed mine is on the Semisjaur Njarg community’s winter grazing pastures. Winter grazing pastures constitute a “bottleneck” for reindeer herding in general, and the Semisjaur Njarg Sami community is already under significant pressure from other land encroachments and industrial developments on their traditional lands. The Semisjaur Njarg Sami community want to continue to enjoy their right to pursue traditional reindeer herding in the area. They also want to sustainably manage their traditional land in the area for future generations. The Semisjaur Njarg Sami community believe that the proposed Boliden mine would make this impossible; they therefore oppose the proposed mining activities in the Laver area.

Authors: Rebecca Lawrence and Rasmus Kløcker Larsen, Stockholm Environment Institute
In collaboration with the Semisjaur Njarg Sami community

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