From Denial to Delay: Moving Beyond Australia’s Fossil Fuel Addiction

Why is the Australian Government accelerating the expansion of coal and gas exports as other nations commit to emission reduction targets, and what could our future look like instead?

In this panel discussion, leading climate and energy experts explain where global climate action is heading and why Australia is so out of step. The panel explores how renewable energy could lead Australia towards a sustainable emissions pathway, breaking the fossil fuel hegemony that controls national climate policy.

This event was part of the Sydney Environment Institute’s Extraction Series that probes the use, impact and future of gas, coal and lead extraction in Australia at a critical point in our changing climate. This event series is part of the Unsettling Resources research project that investigates the dependence of our energy use and systems on conventional energy and the global shift to renewables. Professor Susan Park, Research Lead on the Unsettling Resources project, opens the event.


00:40   Introducing the Extraction Series and Acknowledgement of Country             – Susan Park
02:30   The Tension Between Domestic Politics and Global Reality                    – Tanya Fiedler
07:40   Global Capital Markets are Leaving Australia Behind – Tom Arup
16:20   Australia’s Regulatory Red Tape Around Renewables – Dan Cass
24:40   Australia’s History of Predatory Delay – Christopher Wright
30:50   Australia’s Energy Future is in the State’s Hands – Dan Cass
36:54   How to Make Australia Competitive in the Energy Market – Tom Arup
42:20   Australia’s Absent Government Leadership – Christopher Wright
47:20   A Just Transition Towards Renewables


Tom Arup, Investor Group on Climate Change
Dan Cass, The Australia Institute
Dr Tanya Fiedler (Chair), University of Sydney
Professor Christopher Wright, University of Sydney

This event was held via Zoom on Tuesday 12 October, 2021.

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