Interweaving Voices: Mary Elizabeth’s song – Kuwiyini Mirri Yilityipiti. My father’s song, my song.

The Story of Mary Elizabeth Moreen’s Naming Song
Filmed in Milikapiti, Tiwi Islands and Sydney, Australia

Vocals – Mary Elizabeth Moreen and Allie Miller
Viola – Virginia Comerford

Following Tiwi custom, restrictions associated with mourning are lifted after the Yiloti (Final) Ceremony for the deceased person has been held – about one year after death. The following video contains the name and voice of a Tiwi gentleman who has received his Yiloti and are therefore included with the approval of Tiwi family.

This is the second video in the Sydney Environment Institute’s Interweaving Voices series, by musicologist and Postdoctoral Research Fellow Dr Genevieve Campbell. The series unearths archival recordings of Ayipa songs from the Tiwi Islands – which are themselves ever-evolving recordings of history, culture, celebration, and loss.

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