Issue 3: Voicing Community

Over the past year, research at the Sydney Environment Institute has lead us from the atolls of the Great Barrier Reef to the coastline of the Great Australian Bight; from the depths of uranium mines in Kakadu to copper mines in Sweden; from the mangrove forests of Fiji to the drought stripped riverines of the Murray Darling; from the ice shelves of Antarctica to the skyscrapers of the Sydney CBD.

In this issue Dr Frances Flanagan unpacks the issue of equality in a warming world, Dr Tanya Fiedler reflects on the seemingly simple affirmation that ‘the fastest path to decarbonisation is in the framing of climate change as a financial and economic risk’, Professor Rosemary Lyster writes about PM Scott Morrison’s visit to The Pacific Island Forum and the Australian Government’s ‘pathological, ideological opposition’ to stepping up to the realities of climate change, a group of experts led by Sydney Environment Institute ask authorities to hold oil giants accountable on Bight plan – and more.

The SEI magazine is curated by Michelle St Anne and edited by Liberty Lawson.

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