Jellyfish Behaving Badly?

It’s time we talked about jellyfishes. They dazzle us, terrify us, nourish us, and fascinate us. They can seem utterly otherworldly, and yet they’re among the more ancient species to inhabit earth. And because of rising ocean temperatures, they are moving. Scary news, this: it’s not comforting to imagine deadly Irukandji box jellyfish appearing along the New South Wales coast – let alone in Sydney Harbour – but recent sightings at Fraser Island indicate that they are indeed southward bound.

This event delivered the latest research into jellyfishes’ changing behaviour and also helps understand and imagine what that research means for the future of the sea. It will bring you closer to these diverse, complicated, and fantastically beautiful creatures, whose lives, we’d better recognise, are inextricably linked with our own.


00:00   Aesthetics in the Sea (Introduction) – Killian Quigley
05:50   Speaker Introductions – Maria Byrne
08:30   Where are Jellyfish and Where are They Going? – Will Figueira
22:35   Jellyfish Behaving Badly – Mike Kingsford
38:00   History of Jellyfish Studies – Jude Philp


Professor Maria Byrne (Chair), University of Sydney
Dr Jude Philp, Macleay Museum
Professor Mike Kingsford, James Cook University
Associate Professor Will Figueira, University of Sydney
Dr Killian Quigley, Sydney Environment Institute

A Sydney Ideas and Sydney Environment Institute event hosted in partnership with the Sydney Science Festival and held at the University of Sydney on Tuesday 14 August 2018.

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