Learning to Live with Climate Change: Feminist Perspectives on Embodiment, Emotion and Education


How can we grapple with the ethical and emotional dilemmas that climate change poses? How do our theories and practices of teaching, learning and living together need to change if we are to respond adequately to socio-ecological crises? How might we support each other in the challenges of making sense of and responding to the unsettling traumas of climate collapse?

To launch Postdoctoral Fellow Blanche Verlie’s new book, ‘Learning to live with climate change: From anxiety to transformation’ (available to read here for free), four environmental scholars apply feminist, intersectional and more-than-human perspectives to explore questions of climate anxiety, uncertain futures, and living as a part of rapidly changing ecologies.

00:15   Introduction and Acknowledgement of Country – Astrida Neimanis
04:10   Motivations to Write ‘Learning to Live with Climate Change’
12:20   Pedagogical Intentions when Discussing Climate Change
24:20   How to Find Hope When Disasters are at Your Doorstep
39:25   Rethinking Climate Anxiety as a Positive Thing
55:10   Creatively Reimagining Our Future
1:02:30 Creating Inclusive Spaces for Constructive Climate Conversations
1:11:25 Lessons to Learn from the Pandemic

Dr Blanche Verlie
, Sydney Environment Institute
Associate Professor Astrida Neimanis (Chair), University of British Columbia Okanagan
Dr Sarah Jaquette Ray, Humboldt State University
Professor Mindy Blaise, Edith Cowan University

This event was held online on Thursday 26 August, 2021.

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