Making the New Energy System Fair

Part Three of the Living in a Warming World series convened by Dr Frances Flanagan and Michelle St Anne and co-presented by Sydney Ideas.


It is inarguable that Australia needs to urgently transition from fossil fuels to a renewables-based energy system if it is to play its part in avoiding catastrophic climate change. Such a transition, though, cannot be undertaken in a purely technical manner. Land must be made available for wind and solar farms, solar panels and mills must be constructed and installed, and decisions must be made about the way our new energy systems are owned and distributed.

This event brings together policy experts, activists and academics to ask what conceptual frameworks we should be reaching for in trying to build a renewable energy system that is fair.


00:00   Welcome and Introduction of Series – Frances Flanagan
03:15   Introduction – Christopher Wright
05:55   Building Stronger Local Economies – Amanda Cahill
16:15   Supporting the Frontline Workers – Godfrey Moase
26:25   Coping with Heatwaves with Affordable Energy – Joseph Scales
38:15   Technology is There, but Politics Isn’t


Dr. Amanda Cahill, The Next Economy
Godfrey Moase, National Union of Workers
Joseph Scales, Solar Citizens
Professor Christopher Wright (Chair), University of Sydney

This event was held at the University of Sydney on Monday 2 July, 2018.

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