Adapting Climate Science for Business

Climate science and the models it uses to project climatic changes over the 21st century were designed to answer big picture policy questions at the global scale. So just how can science be adapted to answer the questions businesses want to know? For example, how can scientists advise a company whether a particular piece of infrastructure at a specific address is likely to be rendered useless because of a cyclone in 2030?

The speakers in this panel take us through the ways in which they are assisting a variety of business sectors in answering such questions. They explain where the science is at – what it is capable of and what it is not yet capable of – and the opportunities and challenges they face in working with the business community.

Part Three of The Business Making of Climate Change series.

The Business Making of Climate Change series of public talks brings together investors, lawyers, insurers, corporates, consultants and scientists, as they collectively consider why climate change is increasingly relevant to the business community and how businesses can make sense of climate change in a way that is relevant to them.


00:00   Introduction and Welcome to Country – Tanya Fiedler
12:01   Translating Climate Models to Businesses – Andy Pitman
19:55   Adaptating our Agricultural Industries – Brendan Cullen
25:35   How do Insurers Price Climate Change? – Kate Simmonds
31:05   Climate Change and Credit Liability – Nick Wood
34:35   Is there a Climate Data Deficit?
42:10   Differentiating Between Natural and Climate Variability
47:25   Could Climate Change Lead to Economic Collapse?
55:30   Is there Scientific Literacy and Passion in Australia?
58:15   What can Farmers do?
1:07:20 Role of Artificial Intelligence in Climate Science
1:10:25 Understanding Droughts
1:14:25 What does the Future of Australia’s Agricultural Industry Look Like?
1:18:00 Collective Actions Across Sectors


Brendan Cullen, University of Melbourne
Dr Tanya Fiedler (Chair), University of Sydney
Andy Pitman, ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes
Kate Simmonds, Willis Towers Watson
Nick Wood, Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub

This event was held at the University of Sydney on Wednesday 19 June, 2019.

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