How are Businesses Responding to Investor Pressure on Climate Change?

Many businesses are already feeling the effects of climate change. As a consequence, investors are expecting far greater insight and transparency around the ways in which organisations are preparing for the shorter and longer-term risks and opportunities that might arise.

Just how are businesses responding to this challenge? And where do the complexities lie? This event brings together consultants, academics, NGOs and corporate managers to discuss the work they have been involved in, in responding to such challenges and complexities.

Part Two of The Business Making of Climate Change series.

The Business Making of Climate Change series of public talks brings together investors, lawyers, insurers, corporates, consultants and scientists, as they collectively consider why climate change is increasingly relevant to the business community and how businesses can make sense of climate change in a way that is relevant to them.


00:00   Welcome and Introduction – Tanya Fiedler
10:42   Consistency of Climate Risk Reporting – Kate MacKenzie
20:25   Translating Transition Scenarios – Amber Johnston-Billings
24:30   How Energy Companies Respond to Scenarios – Theo Comino
30:35   Banking Physical Risks – Cécile Walton
36:25   Scenario Planning – Sharanjit Paddam
45:10   Who are the People that Matter on Boards?
1:06:15  Q&A


Theo Comino, AGL
Dr Tanya Fiedler (Chair), University of Sydney
Amber Johnston-Billings, KPMG
Kate MacKenzie, European Climate Foundation
Sharanjit Paddam, QBE Insurance Group
Cécile Walton, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

This event was held at the University of Sydney on Wednesday 5 June, 2019.

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