The Failure of CSR in A Warming World

In this panel discussion, a group of academic experts and business practitioners discuss how businesses might change their approach to environmental and social sustainability in a warming world, and what is needed to build genuine business leadership which better engages with citizens, communities and governments at this critical time.


00:00   Welcome and Introduction – Christopher Wright
02:45   Flawed Business Structures – Kate Mackenzie
15:20   Businesses’ Social and Environmental Purpose – Rachel Mason Nunn
19:50   Science to Finance – Tanya Fiedler
28:06   Do Corporations Hold a Broader Social Responsibility?
42:15   Has CSR Actually Been a Success in Deterring Change?
53:40   But What About the Power of Government?
59:45   What is a Good Term for CSR?
1:08:25 Is Lobbying Successful?
1:11:20 How Can You Measure Sustainability?
1:17:45 Is There Any Profit in Ethics?
1:19:30 The Misinformation of Branded Content
1:22:15 Responsibility Within the Banking Sector


Rachel Mason Nunn, Social Development Specialist
Dr Tanya Fiedler, University of Sydney
Kate Mackenzie, Independent Researcher & Consultant
Professor Christopher Wright (Chair), University of Sydney

This event was held in partnership with the Waste Fighters Society at the University of Sydney on Wednesday 16 October, 2019.

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