Violence in Plain Sight

Humans seem to agree on few ethical principles, but one that seems to be near-universal is that unless it serves the ultimate purpose of peace, violence ought to be condemned.

In this recording, SEI hosted an interdisciplinary panel on ‘Violence in Plain Sight’ with visiting scholar Professor Kari Marie Norgaard, that explored the reality of violence in research, the mechanisms of denial and invisibility, and the institutional realities that ensure the persistence of concealment.


00:00   Introduction – David Schlosberg
01:53   Welcome to Country – Yvonne Weldon
05:54   Speaker Introductions
10:17   Invisible Realities of Violence – Kari Norgaard
17:35   Why is Violence Woven into All Research?
35:20   Systems of Violence That Allow Us to Function
39:50   Pleasure and Pain
45:00   Violence’s Many Definitions
55:35   Hope do You Cope with Researching Violence
1:03:25 Do We Turn a Blind Eye to Violence because it Threatens Our Privileged Lives?
1:08:55 Is All Violence Bad?
1:11:35 Politics of Sight and the Spectacle of Violence in Entertainment
1:24:10 Non-Human Violence
1:28:35 Long Neck Ensemble Performance – Introduced by Michelle St Anne


Professor Danielle Celermajer, University of Sydney
Brian Joyce (Chair), University of Newcastle
Professor Megan Mackenzie, Department of Government and International Relations
Professor Kari Marie Norgaard, University of Oregon
Professor David Schlosberg, Sydney Environment Institute
Dr Dinesh Wadiwel, University of Sydney

This event was held at the University of Sydney on Wednesday 27 November, 2019.

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