Redefining Who Matters: Institutionalising Multi-species Justice

In a time of environmental crisis and heightened social and political tension, a panel of SEI experts call for institutionalising justice for all species through key areas of innovation such as international laws on ecocide and the expansion of personhood beyond humans.


00:50   Introduction – Danielle Celermajer
02:35   The Current Context and Radical Politics
08:55   Ecuador and the Rights of Nature – Erin Fitz-Henry
19:40   Wild Law Judgments and Multispecies Justice – Nicole Rogers
34:10   The Expansion of Legal Personhood and Maori Philosophy: What is a Person? – Christine Winter
45:10   Democratic Innovation and Moving Beyond Traditional Institutions – David Schlosberg
54:10   How Can We Invert the Gaze?


Professor Danielle Celermajer (Chair), University of Sydney
Professor David Schlosberg, University of Sydney
Dr Christine Winter, University of Otago
Associate Professor Nicole Rogers, Southern Cross University
Dr Erin Fitz-Henry, University of Melbourne

This event was held via Zoom on Wednesday 22 June 2022.

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